The Hourglass Logo

Logo design for cocktail lounge and restaurant in Kimberley, BC.

The Hourglass Lounge in Kimberley, BC.  Originally conceptualized as a Coffee Shop by day, Cocktail Lounge by night. I loved the idea and the name immediately when I heard it. Kimberley could use a proper cafe. And another place to go at night would be welcome as well. The logo came to me almost immediately.

At first, I thought to incorporate the hourglass into an uppercase H, as the shape is already mostly there. But the idea felt too obvious, and too forced. It also didn’t scale well. When I thought more about what the business was looking to create, the Martini glass popped into my head. “Of course”! It’s already shaped like the falling sands. The outline of a Chemex coffee brewer seemed like the perfect pairing to encase this indulgent occasion. A few colour schemes were developed as options.