Terry Roberts Logo

Creating a logo for my own brand ended up being more challenging than working for other clients. With other clients I have been able to look at their business model with fresh eyes, and from the perspective of an outsider looking in. I am able to play with, and expand upon their own vision of what their brand means to them.

In creating something for myself, I first had to decide if I was going to use a pseudonym, or my own name. What colours did I feel strongest towards, and how would I feel about them in a year from now. What about 5 years? Will I tire of my own design and constantly feel the need to rebrand myself? If so, how does that speak to a client? If I can’t commit to my own identity, how could they trust me with theirs?

In the end, I got there. And after two years, I still love it. For me it is modern, yet contemporary. The colour palette I developed pops, but doesn’t cause a headache. The logo scales well, and can be aligned any which way.

I had also created an animation for the logo in After Effects that I used on this site as a splash screen while I decided how I was going to build my page. I thought I would find a way to keep it in the header, or in the carousel, but after some consideration, I found it wasn’t contributing enough. I wanted my site to get straight to the point, and the animated logo distracted from that. This is what it looked like.