Woodlab Logo

Logo design for carpenter and builder in Kimberley, BC.

A friend of mine is a timber frame carpenter and home builder. He has been building a reputation over the last few years, and has started to attract some larger projects. While he had a name for his business, he didn’t yet have a logo. He wanted to get something developed fairly quickly, so that he could get a sign up on a project he was working on to attract more clients wanting similar quality work.

He wanted a colour scheme built around a Volkswagen van that we had many great memories of. It reminded him of the mountains, where he lived and loved to play. The colour scheme felt classic, and imbued a sense of quality, long-lasting memories. It instilled a down to earth and trustworthy feeling. I wanted to take that idea and incorporate it into a logo that represented the community he made his home and his life.

The Mountain logo was to incorporate the famous Fisher peak, known all around the Kimberley/Cranbrook area.  I also wanted to hide a W in the mountain range, and incorporate a little bit of that W feel from the Volkswagen logo.  

A second version of this logo was created to focus just on his company name for viewing at a distance, or from a car.  The rounded corners reminiscent of that old VW bus.