Integra Product Rebrand

Full rebrand of all packaging for Integra Adhesives product line. Logos, product labels, product sheets, etc.

When Integra Adhesives first began back in 2003 they just had a single product. Over the years new formulations with specific applications were developed. Due to the industrial nature of the product, and the minimal focus on marketing, the same black label bearing the Integra Adhesives logo was used for all products. A single reference to the product name was transferred onto the label with a printer and that was it.

After a few years more focus was put into creating an identify for each product to be marketed on their own. The Integra Adhesives brand was still young, so the focus on the labels was still to be brand specific. So for the labels a series of colours/monochromes were established to identify products and their respective lines.

Fast-forward another few years and it was time to develop logos and identities for each product. We wanted to maintain the Integra Adhesives feel, and maintained the same colour coded system, while revamping the labels to include the product name/logo prominently. The Integra Adhesives brand was still to be featured at the top, but the new focus was a product line, rather than a brand line. These were the results.